Place One Plymouth Meeting, Pa

Under duress a cancer patient with a heart condition pays a penalty to in my opinion escape the nightly violation of my quiet enjoyment rights!

Looked at Place One several times. But things seen in various areas always turned me away. Then I discovered they have an in-house quiet hours rule, my interest was peaked and this sold me………….. In my opinion I bought the biggest sales pitch ever!

At the very least this was a very disappointing experience. All I wanted was a place to die in peace.

Noisy neighbors from day one that in my opinion the management of Place One was not being pro-active in having them conform to the in-house quiet hours rules would wake me at midnight, 3 AM or whenever. This was common 2 or 3 times a night and 5 or 6 nights a week.

Because of my weakened health, many times I needed a walker to get from my apartment to the front entrance…………..

They had been told many times I had cancer and needed my rest……..IF what follows is what a weak and sick person must go thru at a Morgan Property to in my opinion restore ones quiet enjoyment rights I wonder what a young strapping healthy person would have to do under similar issues?

I believe what happened from here on might be classified as discrimination towards a disabled person.

I found that at Place One I could move to another apartment to hopefully escape the nightly noise. However, I’d have to pay a $300 transfer fee!

Another solution was move out. Yet the management at Place One Apartments insisted I’d have to pay a penalty to get away from something that again in my opinion wasn’t my fault……. How can I control the neighbors nightly episodes?

ADDING to the stress,,,,,, management gave me 7 days to decide if I was leaving or not but still wanted 60 days notice if I was leaving!!!!!!!!!!

Despite my weakened condition, the pain I was in from chemo and other drugs being used plus as sick as I was…….. I had one week to get out of bed, find something else or stay and possibly risk further health issues due to the constant sleep interruptions.

Not only am I out the penalty, the $500 amenity fee that I was NEVER able to use but also moving expenses……… Then to top it off there’s the emotional stress I had to endure for months.
That money lost to Morgan Properties could have been used to try and save my life or at least make me more comfortable.

Place One says they invite you to come home for an exceptional living experience. My time at Place One was exceptionally stressful!

If pressed for a rating of Morgan Properties Place One Apartments in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. on a scale of 0-10, I’d be hard pressed to give a 2.

Regardless, this is my opinion and testimonial of Morgan Properties Place One Apartments in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. backed with documentation.

This was a very stressful experience and to be frank months later the experience still haunts me most nights.

But the stressful experience won’t end!! Now there’s an issue with my security deposit. Even the housing people thought this might happen.

Have called several times requesting an explanation but the calls are not being returned. The calls not being returned in my opinion says a lot about the true nature of Morgan Properties!!

The expenses incurred to in my opinion restore my quiet enjoyment rights has taken my bucket list and turned it into nothing but a dream.